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We can help save lives and injuries during an emergency 

When disaster strikes, MRJ Security LLC’s Two-Way Mass Communication System provides two-way text, email, and voice notifications with streaming video and detailed floor maps of where the incident is taking place to first responders and your staff.

MRJ Security LLC's two-way, multi-media mass-communications system will help ease the impact of extreme mass-casualty situations, like a shooting, tornado or earthquake. Building occupants can provide instant onsite intelligence via text messages and/or emails. Viewing real-time video feeds and being informed of the exact location in the building or on the campus where the help is needed is critical to allow first responders to decide their rescue plans.


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This communication system combines traditional alarm monitoring with an advanced communications platform to improve the flow of information to and from building occupants and first responders. The information exchange allows emergency personnel to better prioritize, coordinate and execute their response efforts faster. 


Building occupants provide real- time information.
-Descriptions of perpetrators

-Injury reports 

-Pictures and Videos

Delivered via text and/or email.

 MRJ Security LLC will provideemergency panic software that can be installed on all office and teacher computers to generate an alarm to our central station.

Other alarm triggers we offer include gun shot detection, aggression alarm sensors, wireless panic buttons or permanently-installed panic buttons located throughout the school. 


MRJ SECURITY LLC's Two Way, Multi Media

Mass Communication System operates as follows:

System is activated



Immediate phone call is made to the police by the central station.
•Texts/e-mails or voice notifications are generated to any number of people, in any language, on your contact list informing them the type of alarm.
•Texts or emails will include two links: a live streaming video to view what is happening, and a link of the floor plan where the incident is taking place. This link is extremely important because police and medical personnel would not know where to find specific classrooms.
                                                                       Floor plans and icons
to access live cameras.


Live video is extremely valuable to provide security, police, and first responders with instant information.  When sweeping the building, they can be advised where the perpetrators are at any point in time or where medical care is needed most, thus saving lives.




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MRJ Security LLC's

Two-Way Multi-Media Mass Communications System






 MRJ Security LLC’s two-way, multi-media mass-notification system can also include a wide variety of non-emergency benefits. This built-in capability will eliminate the annual cost that some schools, municipalities and companies already pay for the same service, but without the advanced security components.  

You can notify groups or individuals of upcoming events, schedule or location changes.  Whether it’s a snow day announcement by a digital-voice telephone call, an email from a teacher reminding parents to sign a permission slip or a text message to inform that the bus is running late, MRJ Security LLC's Two-Way Mass Communications System can deliver the information.




 Using log-in credentials, administrators can send messages via text, email and/or digital voice to any segment of the contact list.





When evaluating mass communication solutions, speed, capability, and reliability should be top priorities.


MRJ Security LLC with a UL listed central station monitoring facility that provides a mission-critical network that will never fail.

This partnership enables you to reach anyone at anytime. This includes immediate access for first responders through our secure web portal.  No other service delivers the quality, speed or reliability you get with MRJ Security LLC and the central station.

Protecting lives and assets since 1967, Emergency 24’s five monitoring stations across the United States and our robust infrastructure will be there when you need it most.





 MRJ Security LLC's Two-Way Mass

Communications System can be set up almost immediately!

1.The first part of this state-of-the-art program is economical and can be connected online.  Emergency panic software and licenses would be installed on as many school computers you would like to use. Examples: offices, classrooms, school board, etc. A low, initial cost will benefit your school immediately.
2. A notification/contact list must be provided. This includes names, texts, emails and phone numbers.
3. We can install gunshot detectors and/or aggression detectors and provide wireless panic pendants or manual panic buttons based on your requirements. The cost of this system will be determined by the number of devices you need and the layout of your buildings.
4. We can incorporate your cameras into our system immediately if your current computer system is IP based. If not, we recommend upgrading with our high-quality IP Security Cameras.  This is vital to the police and other first responders to be able to see what is happening in real time.  Links are set up for the first responders to see the floor map of the building, where the incident is taking place and the closest cameras to the incident.


Other options available to improve your overall system:


If necessary, upgrade your current fire alarm system.  New systems use mass notification speakers.  This system can also be used in other school emergencies and non-emergencies to relay information to the building occupants.

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